Revival of the estate

In 2003, La Marseillaise, where we were already producing olive oil and offering holiday accommodation, became a biodynamic farm. Located at a distance of 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea between the hills and the Réal Martin River, we offer a harmonic environment where life is expressed in all its abundance and beauty.
We, Fabienne and Pierre, are the fifth generation keeping this wine and olive estate alive, which we took over in 1997.

Discover biodynamics

In 2003, we discovered biodynamics when we met Ulrich Shreier and Pierre Masson. Its main specificity is to use preparations with animal, mineral and vegetal origins to revive the soil and to reinforce the natural resistance of the plants, making them receptive to a balance of cosmic and earth forces. The products borne out of this method are rich in good quality nutrients where the forces of life make their presence felt.

In the light of this discovery, we are now convinced that the continuity of the estate as well as our personal fulfilment is dependent upon biodynamics, and we are committed to this way forward.

Beginning of a new partnership

In 2016 our partnership with Gaël Vial gave a new impulsion to our project. We left the local cooperative wine cellar and decided to redesign our own cellar, which had been left to abandon for many years. This had been our dream, which finally became reality in 2017.

In 2017, more than 45 years after the last bottling, the dream to produce wine once more became reality, and this sparkle is reflected not only in our cellar and tanks, but above all in the eyes of their owners.

Wine, yes, but alive! Glasses and carafes can rejoice in this newly-produced nectar, certified Demeter, vegan and organic, and made with passion.

Fabienne, Pierre and Gaël bringing alive this historic site,
located between sea and river.


I am the fifth generation living on this same estate, and it was an immense joy for me to bring the estate back to life with Pierre twenty years ago. Then we met Gaël, and I am grateful for the new energy we can feel around us.

Fabienne Sautou


Every day is a pleasure, participating in creating the harmony of this site: the Domaine de la Marseillaise. Whether I am amongst the vines or in the cellar, I always ensure the harmony and cohesion of every act.

Pierre Sautou


My first motivation was my desire to share with Pierre and Fabienne, who spoke to me with such love and sincerity about this estate. Then, once I came to see with my own eyes, my desire was to get closer to nature, at the same time assuring the continuity of this estate, which enchanted me by its history.

Gaël Vial

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Justinien MOUTTE, Fabienne’s great-grandfather succeeded in making the Domaine de la Marseillaise a prosperous and dynamic place!

He did this with just a few ideas and a few thousand glass jars…