Our Demeter certified wines

For our new production, Pierre Sautou created five wines, all certified Demeter, vegan and organic.
The first, Floriège, is a rosé with the Côte de Provence quality label. The three others have the IGP (protected geographic location) quality label: Justinien (red), Abondance (red also) Et… merveillement (white) and r’Osez (rosé).
If you haven’t already tasted them, you can discover here their colour and their character…

Biodynamics is the respect of all life and the cycles of nature, producing on healthy soil and preserving the biodiversity for sustainable agriculture.

The Demeter label guarantees the respect of biodynamic methods at the Domaine de la Marseillaise, as well as the quality of our winemaking, which meets specifications which are stricter than the European organic regulations.

r'Osez !

We are lucky enough to have eight different grape varieties on the six hectares of vines which we cultivate. The IGP rosé 2017 is made from six of them.

These varieties give a wine with character and a complex taste that you should dare to pair with a meal of white meat, cold meats and certain cheeses.

Pale shade with salmon glints. Nose blending a fragrance of peaches with dry fruits, confectionery and spices. Slightly acidic taste with a citrus finish which brings freshness to this rounded rosé.

Try, dare!


This red IGP wine carries the name of Fabienne’s grandfather, Justinien Moutte, under whose management the Domaine de la Marseillaise flourished between the two world wars, and to whom we pay tribute by this 2017 cuvée.

Colour with violet glints. The first nose is of dark berries (blackcurrant, blueberry), followed by spicier notes. On the palate there is the taste of dark berries, the tannins are supple. A well-balanced wine, generous and pleasant.

“I, Pierre Sautou, wanted to make a wine how I love wine: voluptuous, fruity, and well balanced, not needing to be drunk with a meal to be enjoyed.”
Pierre Sautou

Our bottles are returnable!

When you buy our wine, remember to keep your empty bottles, don’t throw them away!

We have put in place a deposit system which not only helps to reduce waste, but also avoids recycling glass to make… glass.  This saves grey energy (the hidden energy required to manufacture a product).

What’s more, for the twentieth bottle you return, we give you a free bottle of wine as an incentive…

Et... merveillement

For the white wine, I have always been amazed by the aromatic complexity of the viognier. I decided to plant this variety in 2014. This IGP 2017 wine has been made from the first grapes from this parcel of land.

Pale shade with light golden glints. Complex nose with a touch of fruit (pear, fresh almond). Full on the palate with volume and generosity.


For your bottle of Florilège, we use the classical grape varieties for Provençal rosé wine. In this bottle, we have blended a selection from our best parcels offering you a delicate, elegant wine.

Very pale brilliant shade. Fine nose with floral notes. Rounded on the palate, fruity and fleshy. A delicate, elegant wine.

An outstanding feminine wine, fine and elegant, to enjoy well chilled.